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Tips and Tricks

Going from Wallpaper to Paint
Wallpaper-Removal-Tools-Easy-MethodWhen renovating a room in their home, many people make the choice to go from paint to wallpaper. Generally, the only preparation needed is to fill holes or damage to the wall and then simply hang the wallpaper. There is however, a little more involved when the choice is to go from a wallpapered wall back to a painted wall. The difficulty in doing so can vary due to many factors, such as the age, number of layers, and types of wallpaper. The condition of the walls themselves, or the quality of the wallpaper installation, play a big part as well. If the walls were properly prepared before the existing wallpaper was hung, then removal should not be too much of a problem. Though it is feasible to paint over wallpaper, this can be complicated by such issues as textured wallpaper, obvious seams, and the risk of loose or bubbled wallpaper once contact has been made with wet paint.
Tips for Living through a Renovation
6-Affordable-Home-Renovation-Projects-for-the-Weekend-WarriorA renovation project can be very rewarding. But like most things in life, rewards don’t come easy. Renovation projects can vary in size and expense, though one theme that holds true throughout any of them is the impact it makes on your daily life. Even the most mundane parts of your day, such as setting the travel mug on the kitchen counter after coming home from work, being able to look in the mirror while brushing your teeth, or just entering your house through the front door, become sorely missed while a major renovation is underway. Such things become the light at the end of the tunnel; they help keep you moving forward, until life once again returns to normal (and hopefully improved, since you are renovating).
Your Home Fire Safety Checklist
dbas325_Fire-Extinguisher_lgSince October is Fire Safety Month, it seems like the appropriate time to go over what you can do in regards to fire safety in your home. According to the CDC, deaths from fires and burns are still the third leading cause of fatal home injuries. Of these deaths, 70% are due to smoke inhalation. In addition, two thirds of deaths from house fires occurred in homes that either did not have smoke alarms installed, or they were not working properly.
DIY Tips for Repairing a Cracked Basement Wall
Surveyor Looking Upwards at a Cracked WallIf you find excessive dampness your basement, the likely culprit could be a crack in your basement wall. When you consider that your basement walls hold up your entire house, then knowing that there are cracks present can sound a little intimidating. The fact is that cracks aren’t that uncommon. They’ll most likely just require a little DIY know-how and a simple patch. Small cracks don’t usually affect the structural integrity of your home, but if left untouched they can allow water, insects or even radon gas to enter your basement. Larger cracks of an inch or greater indicate a more serious issue and should be looked at by a professional.
How to Repair Old Windows
window_workOne of the advantages of having old windows in your house is that for most problems, a simple repair job is all that you need. They are designed in such a way that repairs can be done piecemeal, unlike some modern replacement windows that would require either to be sent back to the factory for repair or replaced altogether. Just because your old window may be cracked or the glazing (putty) has fallen out in places, doesn’t mean all is lost. You can do such repairs in just a few hours and for a few dollars, rather than replacing the entire window.
Top 5 Wilderness Tips any Seasoned Camper Should Know
Woman lying on rucksack in grass beside tentCamping in the wilderness is not an easy task. Reality TV shows like to make it look simple, but before you embark on a journey on your own, follow these 5 tips that any seasoned camper should know. First every seasoned camper should know the S.T.O.P. method.  S.T.O.P. is an acronym that means to stop, think, observe, and plan. This is the first step every camper should take before approaching any situation in the wilderness. The key to surviving the wilderness is to always keep from panicking. Sometimes the best thing you can do to survive in the wilderness is to just stop and think. Do not rush into anything too fast because that can lead to small mistakes.
Home Preparation Tips for Summer Storms
man_fixing_roofYou take the good with the bad. A fact of life that is all too true in relation to summer weather. While Mother Nature can spoil us with her bright sunny days and warm breezes, she still manages to let us know who’s in charge now and then. While the temptation may be to enjoy the nice days to their fullest, it may also be prudent to make good use of those days and prepare for the dark, stormy weather that is certain to come.
How to: Start a Campfire
campfireStarting a campfire is a simple task to do when camping outdoors. It may not be as easy as rubbing two sticks together, but there are multiple techniques and materials you can use to get your campfire going.
Deck Staining and Sealing Tips
deck_staning_and_sealing_tipsThe days are getting warmer, and summer will be here before you know it. If you’ve decided that your deck needs to be stained or sealed, then it’s important to take the time now to do it right so you can enjoy the beautiful, worry free new finish on your deck. With all of the activity your deck will see this summer, you will want to make sure that it is properly protected from the foot traffic, barbecues and exposure to the elements ahead. Below we have included some tips to ensure that you will be able to stain your deck with professional-looking results, without paying professional-looking fees.
Getting the Most Use Out of Your Deck
family_deckWe all know that the deck is the place to be when it comes to barbecuing and relaxing in the sun. With all of the time and money invested in your deck, doesn’t it make sense to enjoy it as often as possible? A lot of innovations have come to pass for decks, providing many simple and affordable ways to extend the time spent on them beyond only the nicest days of the year.